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Office365 Business Services

Subscription based, Enterprise Cloud Services available to the Small Business sector and indeed Individuals.

Mail, Instant Messaging, Cloud Storage, Access to online and installed versions of Word, Powerpoint, Excel are to name but a few features.


Office365 Services

Enterprise Business services available to the SMB user. Our service offers productivity, collaboration and sharing with anytime, anywhere and any device access. The services are tiered allowing you to choose the right option for your needs.


Moving to the Cloud doesn’t have to be complex, we can help guide you through this process. Whether you require email only or email, instant messaging, cloud storage, document management or all these PLUS downloadable versions of Microsoft Office to use on upto 5 devices per user, iNPUT Can help.

Mailboxes are available in both 50GB and 125GB sizes. To put this into perspective a normal internet provider only offers between 1 to 2GB Mailboxes so you need not worry about filling it up for a long long time.

In addition we can offer mailbox security and SPAM control to help reduce unwanted mail. You can also have an Unlimited Archive for you to store emails that are no longer in use but need to be retained.

The information below is for our Office365 Essentials Package, ideal for SMB and Includes, Exchange Mail, 1TB Cloud Storage, Online versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint and more...

Information on the 125GB Exchange Mailbox ONLY service

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