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With a vast skillset backed up with experience, we are confident we can help. Call now for Immediate help...

See our Services below, for anything outside of these, please do ask, we are confident we can help. Dont hesitate just ask, we are always happy to help

iNPUT Solutions Services Breakdown

iNPUT provide a wide range of IT Services, if we are unable to provide them ourselves, we are confident that one of our strategic partners will be.


All our Engineers are Microsoft Certified and combined there is over 45 years IT experience in our ranks. There arent many things we havent seen before, so you can contact us in confidence.


Our experience expands across many different sectors in Bluechip companies covering Manufacturing, Aerospace and Government sectors.


Have a look at our service summary below and if you have any questions or need any advice, please do contact us, we are always happy to help.



IT Support​

iNPUT Solutions IT Support Service

For Businesses we are your internal IT Department, so for any issues, we will own the problem until it is resolved leaving you to carry on with your business.

For Home Users we are able to help with any home computer issues you face.

We cover ALL areas of IT (PCs, Laptops, Servers, Software, Networking, Internet Access, Email, Printers and Virus removal). We cover both Hardware, Software and everything inbetween.

Laptop hardware repair is a speciality of ours and includes Screen replacement, AC power fixing, memory upgrades basically any external or internal components.

IT Consultancy

iNPUT Solutions IT Consultancy

Have a new IT Requirement ?

Investing in new Hardware or Software ?

We will be happy to meet with you at your premises and discuss them in detail giving you ideas, boundaries, risks and options to achieve your requirement(s).

From this meeting, we can produce a detailed proposal including costs to create a solution that meets your expectations and allocated budget.


Upon approval of this, we can Procure, Implement, Ttest, Demonstrate and Support the Solution.

Data Security

iNPUT Solutions Data Security Services

Whether Business or Residential, protecting your data is CRITICAL.

As a Business imagine losing your Accounts, Customer, Product and/or Service or email data. Without it you simply couldn't function.


As a Home user Imagine the pain of losing those sentimental family photos.

iNPUT are experts in providing cost effective solutions to protect your data. We believe this is an absolute KEY FUNCTION for any business or individual wanting to minimise any potential data loss. Dont take a chance, value your data.


iNPUT Solutions Networking Services

Networking enables your computers to communicate with each other enabling you to share documents and other resources such as printers.

Networks can be Cabled where each device uses a network patch lead to a central hub, Wireless were each device connects to a wireless access point using radio waves, no unsightly cables, or a combination of both options.

iNPUT have the essential skills and experience to Network all your PCs, Laptops, Servers and Printers so that all users can access them.

iNPUT will assess the networking requirement and advise what the best soution would be based on the layout and location of the office(s) concerned.

There is no specific choice with networks, whilst cabled offers a more reliable connection, its not always possible. Each has its own benefits and disadvantages.

Virus Help
iNPUT Solutions Virus Removal Services

Is your PC running slow?

Do you have strange popup messages or reduced functionality?

If either of the above is true, your PC may be infected with a Virus, Spyware or malware.

We have the essential tools and experience to remove such infections giving you peace of mind.

Viruses can result in very serious consequences to your PC and/or data so protecting it is paramount.


iNPUT are AVG and BitDefender authorised resellers so we can offer the full product list at very competitive prices.


Everyone should consider an Antivirus policy in place as without it, your data (email, photos, documents etc.) is at serious risk.

Internet & Email Help
iNPUT Solutions Internet and Email Help

iNPUT can help setup and configure broadband internet services for most of the providers available, including email accounts. We provide the full service, fFrom setting up the router to locking it down and configuring it for secure wireless access.

If you are looking for a website we can help at all stages, from domain registration (the name of your site - www.<yourname> or .com etc.) through to the hosting, email setup and website design.

Sites can be Static, Content Managed or completely Custom. From simple to complex with shopping carts, databases and other content, iNPUT can help to guide you through the process.

Read more about our Web and Mail Services HERE


If you have an idea and would like to discuss this in detail, please do contact us and we will be happy to help.

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